„The Assange case ended my UN career“ – the case of Nils Melzer and SDG 16

by Dr Alexander Dill, Basel Institute of Commons and Economics

One of the main problems of cooperation in the World Security Council is that NATO countries believe they are the only ones defending democracy and human rights. Although NATO as a supranational military alliance actually already contradicts the multilateral UN Charter of 1945 in principle, i.e. it is strictly speaking an illegal organisation according to UN standards, NATO members as the main donor countries to the UN can nevertheless exert pressure on the UN at will.

This has been the case for some time now for the UN Special Rapporteur on torture, the Swiss Nils Melzer, 51, father of two daughters (8 and 11): His expert opinion on the case of the Australian investigative journalist Julian Assange resulted in the statement that Assange was being tortured mentally and physically in prison in Great Britain. He should be released immediately, not extradited to the United States.

Melzer on July 17th 2021 in BLICK:  „The Assange case ended my UN career“

This is a screenshot from the Blick article. I linked to the article.

Media in NATO countries rarely report on the Assange case. The governments of Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands remain silent. The Norwegians even withdrew a funding commitment for the office of the UN torture commissioner.

The Swiss tabloid Blick has now published a report by Rebecca Wyss that goes into more detail about how and why Nils Melzer’s advocacy for human rights is being made so difficult.

The article, although published only a few hours ago, is not a lead story, but hidden far in the back. Blick even allows commentary.

The article is well researched and also contains this passage:

„The special rapporteur goes far. He also gives an interview to questionable media such as the Russian propaganda channel RT.

Why, Mr Melzer?

„Because RT was the only media interested in the Assange case. The Western media ignored him.“

For critics, this is further proof that the UN official is an Assange activist, as the „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ recently called him.And in the „NZZ“ a criminal law professor even portrayed him as a conspiracy theorist.“

As the global project manager of a UN partnership project, the World Social Capital Monitor, I too gave interviews to RT Deutsch. One of the interviews was dubbed into Russian and received 666,000 views, 14,900 likes and 1795 comments.

But I also gave interviews to Phoenix, Deutschlandfunk and Tagesschau.

Without publicity, the UN goal number 16 Peace, adopted by all 193 states in 2015, will never be achievable.

For example, it is completely unknown to the public that projects in Germany and Switzerland that pursue this UN goal 16 Peace are usually not even allowed to apply for funding for it unless they equate peace with the NATO doctrine.

Blick deserves thanks for bringing to public attention a concern that is also largely ignored and therefore rejected by the Swiss government.

We can only hope that Blick will in future also take an interest in political prisoners in Spain and Germany, where there are supposedly no political prisoners.



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