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In former times regions and countries have been ranked e.g. by their number of ships, by the altitude of their steeples or by the percentage of people owning a radio. Comparison has always been competition at the same time. But Global figures are less and less available to the public. Therefore we decided to offering worldwide figures in form of PDFs with open access to you.
Did you know that the United States of America have 2.12 million prisoners (end of 2016) which is more than the People’s Republic of China (1.65 millions) and almost all European countries (without Russia) together?
The major search demands in statistics are world rankings such as e.g. the military expenditures, the number of McDonalds restaurants and the number of Nobel laureates. So let’s start to offering you some of these lists without any fee and of course without the need to subscribe.
The Basel Institute of Commons and Economics is currently the most innovative Institute to creating new indicators and to critically discuss the current statistical data.

To offering results by open access is a contribution to bettering the information and to making your own assessment on the various aspects the World can be regarded. We wish you great inspiration with our world rankings!

Ranking of countries by the number of their military bases abroad

Ranking of countries by their military expenditures as a percentage of exports

Ranking of countries by the number of McDonalds restaurants

Ranking of the World’s 100 most spoken languages



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