Surprise: six NATO members among the most peaceful countries

Within the United Nations activities to Financing Development the Basel Institute of Commons and Economics recently provided a calculation of transactions costs such as credit/debt and expenditures on alleged ‚defence‘. On the occasion of the Munich Security Conference 2018, that in the Munich Security Report 2018 again pretends a ‚decline‘ of military costs within the NATO, the Basel Institute released a first ranking of 146 countries by their Export-Defence-Ratio (please click to download). Surprisingly we find six NATO member countries among the countries with the best ratio (see table).

These six NATO countries are in charge of only 1.33 per cent of the estimated $ 1.5 trillion NATO spendings on alleged ‚defence‘ every year. So in our view to achieving the common UN Goals of the 193 countries that agreed to them in 2015 to reducing the transaction costs for both capital and military opens space to financing the World’s public goods.
These $ 1.5 trillion include not only the official NATO expenditures but as well the expenditures and the damage NATO causes in other countries such as first in Russia and China, but as well in DPR Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Ukraine, Donbass, European Union, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many more.
Of course this calculation may encourage as well NATO members to considering their transaction costs. To transforming NATO into a diplomatic civil initiative might be the thing to do 73 years after World War II and 27! years after the abolition of the Warszaw Treaty. Basel Institute will advocate this proposal on the Munich Security Conference 2018.
Unfortunately Basel Institute does hard to diminishing the threat imposed to the United States of America by it’s aggressive neighbors Canada, Mexico and Afghanistan; a threat longing for more than 500 years yet 🙂


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