First results from the World Social Capital Monitor 2019

While most of the IGO’s and States still believe that the UN SDGs are nothing but a National audit, the indicators used to track the progress of the SDGs come from the National Statistics Offices. They lay around 15 years behind with their GDP agenda. Therefore we started to assess new indicators within our UN SDGs Partnership Project, the World Social Capital Monitor. Please mail us to get the full Monitor:

See here a first presentation of the Global willingness to co-finance public goods by taxes. Why that? The SDGs have to be financed as well and according to our studies published at the UN IATF on FfD, almost only public budgets are available to cover the costs. And these budgets entirely depend on social goods such as solidarity, trust, helpfulness, and this indicator: ‚How would you estimate the willingness to co-finance public goods at your place?‘ (on a ladder between 10 high and 1 low).

China (collective vote of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) 10.0*
Finnland 8.5
Zambia, Cyprus 8.0
Rwanda 7.9
Somalia 7.5
Belgium 7.3
India 7.2
USA 7.1
Slovakia 7.0
United Kingdom 6.8
Rep. Korea, Turkey, Tanzania 6.6
Laos, Namibia 6.5
Germany, Russia 6.4
Cambodia 6.3
Ethiopia 6.0
Central African Republic 5.8
Mali, Kosovo 5.6
Nepal 5.3
Pakistan 5.2
France, Czech Republic 5.1
Italy 5.0

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