28 new Funds to Financing Development

Since two years, the Basel Institute of Commons and Economics picked up the invitation to contribute to the UN Inter Agency Task Force on Financing for Development (UN IATF on FfD) that is composed by major IGOs and UN units you can assess here.

In 2017 we started our work by making a business case for SDG 16 Peace. In 2018 we published broadly recognized figures on the costs and sources to financing the UN Goals. The tables in our Policy Paper have been quoted in the Wikipedia articles on the Sustainable Development Goals in English and German.
UNESCO, in their Paper on SDG 4 Education,  wrote a paragraph on our comparison of the Global Indices with the result of finding entire redundancy by using GDP related indicators only. You find the UNESCO quote of our study on page 18/19. So the question for our 2020 Policy Paper was: Will we continue to enlighten the UN-IGO-SDG Community by smart questions on measuring and understanding the UN Goals?
The answer was ’no‘.

Instead we took the input we’ve got through the World Social Capital Monitor 2019 and created a set of currently 28 new Funds to Financing Development that expresses an entire paradigm change in Financing Development at a Global level:

  • all 17 UN Goals and their interlinkages are considered together in each of the Funds
  • the Funds do not attend any political change or political obedience from the countries covered
  • the Funds use the Euro as the benchmark currency, not the US Dollar
  • the Funds address Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs) and cooperatives
  • the Funds expressively enhance the establishment of local cooperative and governmental banking
  • the Funds consider the local specific priorities and needs
  • the Funds invite local administrations and stakeholders to join the Investment Committee

If you’d like to browse the 28 Funds with a total of € 142 billion and covering 150 countries in alphabetic order, you can do that here by download from the IATF on FfD website (3 MB size and 33 pages).
Our thanks go the colleagues from the IATF on FfD for allowing us to share our expertise the third year now!

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